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Last Updated on May 3, 2021

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Hello :)

Welcome to Financial Fortify!

Our mission is to pave the way for your secure financial future.

This website is for you if:

  • You have never invested before;

  • You invest non-strategically and base your future return potential on hope or chance;

  • You are willing to enhance your knowledge on economics, finance and investing;

  • You feel a sense of emptiness at work which makes you want to achieve financial freedom at a young age;

  • You want to understand how global politicians are screwing up your financial future and what actions you should take to prevent it from happening;

If you are part of the Gen Z or millennial generation, you may find it hard to believe that not too long ago our parents and grandparents actually earned a generous interest rate on their bank savings. Compounded with the peace of mind that they will be retiring with a state pension, retirement was surely the last thing they had to worry about.

Unfortunately, the situation is not the same for our generation. The dwindling interest rate on bank savings since the start of the millennium has imposed challenges on the prospects of a comfortable retirement. In this day and age, it impossible to generate any meaningful return without assuming some sort of risk. At the same time, low interest rates provide those who are already wealthy access to easy money which has fueled increases in asset prices, raising the wealth of asset owners and further straining the affordability by young and middle-age individuals.

In response, your first plan of action may be to work harder and earn more income, hoping that someday you will able to afford these assets. But has it ever crossed your mind that by working, you are trading your limited time on this planet for an income paid in a currency that is losing value?

Well, as hard as it may seem to digest, this is the situation we face today - a broken financial system, run by global political leaders who have no interest other than maintaining political power, pursuing experimental policies which exacerbate poverty and social inequality.

The only hope we have to avoid ending up a victim of wealth destruction is to self-educate ourselves and take the required action to fortify our finances. This is why we created Financial Fortify, your go to source for a secure financial future! We aim to provide people with their right to be financially literate and guide them how to make the right financial decisions.

By making the right financial decisions at each stage of our lives, not only will we guarantee personal financial prosperity, but we will be able to overcome the societal trap which the system expects us to pursue: spending years and sometimes hefty sums of money to get educated, securing a job which renders no satisfaction, working our asses off to earn a currency which is losing value, and retiring with a dismal state pension.

Unfortunately, personal finance is not made compulsory in schools. It is as if society is purposely designed to ensure that people remain ignorant about how the financial system works. By not being financially educated, we are being deprived of the right to financial security! But this does not mean we cannot do anything about it.

Our Commitment

Here at Financial Fortify, we commit to provide you with a simple, objective assessment of basic concepts which will help you frame your financial decisions. We sift through the extensive information and filter it down into the essentials you need to know about basic economic concepts, personal finance, investing and even personal development, the latter being crucial to financial success.

Before starting this venture, as all new website creators do, we did some market research. We found that the personal finance space is one of the most competitive niches on the web. This means that in order to stand out, we must provide you with unique content and an engaging user experience.

Thus, we attempt to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing you with illustrative tools and thought processes which can help strategize your consumption, saving and investing decisions. It is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of essential concepts like taxes, inflation, debt, currency, and the dynamics of the economic and financial system, and we've packed all you need to know in the Master Class series. The rest of the articles will respond to your questions, provide you with invaluable tips, and insights which can help assist your financial decisions.

Our Principles

The value we provide is founded upon the following principles:


At Financial Fortify, we dive deep into each theme. We supplement our posts with visuals to simplify complex dynamics and help you understand economic relationships and help you make ‘if-then-else’ decisions.


We are firm believers of learning by doing, so wherever possible, we will be developing tools which you can use to validate or apply what you have learned.


Possessing the knowledge is one thing and having the means and diligence to act upon this knowledge is another. The keys to your financial success are your skills and your job. Not any type of skills, but skills which you actually enjoy doing, skills which are strongly in demand, and skills which are flexible and capable of withstanding the rapidly shifting economy! And not any job – a job which gives you a feeling of self-fulfillment, while allowing you to develop your capabilities.

In doing so, your productivity will improve, and your income will follow suit. But instead of satisfying yourself with an income which is losing value, you will learn how to make good use of this income and make the money work for you. This will hasten the process to reaching your financial goals, be it early retirement, financial freedom or traveling the world.

Thus, we aim to collaborate with several renowned educators and employers to present you with the opportunity to develop your capabilities and secure your financial goals.

We are here to help

Our commitment to you is to develop the website into a comprehensive hub for economics and personal finance. Writing top-notch content takes time and effort. Given the website is still in its infancy, we understand that some of your questions may not yet be addressed. Feel free to reach out to request research on anything you may wish to know, or how we can improve.

Contact us at info@financialfortify.com. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting😊

Buckle up, and let's get those finances fortified!