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Welcome to Financial Fortify

Isn't it ironic how people spend one third of their lives working to earn an income which is paid in a currency which is losing value? Even the most frugal individuals have no chance to secure their financial future in a financial system where savings yield no interest. This means that investing is no longer a choice - it is a must. Luckily, we are here to help!

Financial Fortify was created by Andrew, an economist, and Daniel, a software developer, to provide people with their right to be financially literate and guide them how to make the right financial decisions. Insightful articles accompanied with visuals and interactive tools will frequently be added for the benefit of anyone who wants to accompany us on our mission towards financial freedom.

Andrew and Daniel first met during college and then attended university together, where they started meeting up regularly at the gym during lecture breaks. Through their passion for fitness, common principles and like-minded perspectives they eventually developed a strong and long-lasting friendship. Given their mutual interest on how the economy works, their frustration on how the current financial system is robbing people of their financial prosperity and their aspiration to generate awareness, they decided to create their own website to help people secure their financial future. After 8 months of planning and preparation, Financial Fortify was started on the 9th of May 2021.

This is Daniel

Founder and Lead Developer at Financial Fortify

B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, University of Malta

Hey there! This is Daniel, a Python Developer and a Machine Learning enthusiast who is interested in ways technology and systems can be utilised or improved to create a better quality of life.

One such system is the financial system, which with all its' downsides, can be a great tool to improve the quality of life of a person, given that a person has a basic level of understanding of how it works. This is my main motivation behind Financial Fortify; sharing financial skills and ideas.

My other passions include physical activity and caring for the environment we live in. I do believe that it is very wise to partake in some sort of activity you love doing in order to reap from the mental and physical benefits associated with physical activity.

Moreover, I believe it is crucial to actively care for the natural environment around us, and remember it is not ours to abuse of, but ours to take care of for upcoming generations.

So that, sums me up; a person who deeply cares about the quality of life in our society, and believes that being physically active, whilst living in a clean environment with access to nature and a fair amount of wealth is the right formula for a good quality of life.

Andrew and I created this website, as an effort to tackle the latter - wealth creation and financial well being; where we will share knowledge and thoughts with anyone who is interested in reading through.

I created this website using open source tools, which I am very grateful for. These include Gridsome, Vue JS, and Django Web Framework.


This is Andrew

Founder and Lead Content Writer at Financial Fortify

B.Sc. in Accounts and Economics with Honors, University of Malta

M.Sc Economics, University of Durham

Andrew here! Your lead content writer at financialfortify.com and the brains behind the various tools on the website.

I am an economist by profession and currently lead the Macroeconomic Forecasting team within the Ministry for Finance and Employment in Malta. I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounts from the University of Malta and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Durham.

During my free time, when I am not reading or listening to podcasts relating to economics or finance, you’ll probably find me at the gym or meal prepping. I am deeply passionate about health and fitness and obtained a nutriton advisor certification a while back. I am immensely grateful for the ability to move and I am fascinated with how the body strengthens, performs better and sculpts itself to perfection when the necessary work is put in. The mental clarity and feel-good pleasures exercise provide are also greatly underappreciated.

I spend the rest of my spare time enjoying the company of my super supportive family, my wonderful girlfriend and our kittens, Dana and Coal. I try to spend some alone throughout the week, because it allows me to meditate and escape the routine.

I really enjoy working with and learning from others. I consider myself a problem solver and get immense satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals by conveying an optimistic mindset among those I engage with.

So that sums it up, quite a simple life I guess. Work, training, family, me time, oh and yes - Financial Fortify of course!


Our aim is to develop the website into a comprehensive hub for economics and personal finance. Writing top notch content takes time and effort. Given the website is still in its infancy, we understand that some of your questions may not yet be addressed. Feel free to reach out to request research on anything you may wish to know, or how we can improve. Your feedback means a lot.